How Long Can The Hp Toner Cartridge Work?

How long can the Toner cartridge include two indicators, one is the amount of paper that can be printed. This is related to the weight and quality of the toner and the size of the silo. When the drum is purchased, the number of prints will be marked (the international standard is A4 paper 5% coverage to count, meaning that each A4 paper are printed so much content, how many can print), the greater the number of prints, it is clear that the cartridge can be used for a longer time.

Another indicator is the core component of the cartridge - the drum, which relates to the life of the cartridge. The factors that affect the photosensitive drum are that the photosensitive material is different. Can be sorted by different drums Cartridges: OPC drum (organic light guide material), Se cartridge and ceramic cartridge. In the service life, OPC drum is generally about 3000 pages, Se cartridge for the 10,000 pages, ceramic drums for the 100000 pages.

How long can the drum cartridge for the general office users are very concerned about, can directly affect the printing costs. In particular, when the need to pay attention to the procurement of toner cartridges, where the proposed different office users can choose according to their specific print needs. How can we buy for their own printing needs cost-effective and high drum?

Users can consider the amount of print load per month (the consumption of paper can be used as a reference factor), and the price of the cartridge per month of the use of the share. It is recommended that small and medium-sized office users, in the case of large print demand, can pay as much as possible the purchase cost, because high-quality and efficient hp toner cartridge mean a lower cost of printing.

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